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Unicom Solar Security CCTV started as an internet and voice service provider. The importance of having a secure data backup and reliable connectivity for data cloud storage is not something new to the company. As the top tier surveillance solutions provider in New Zealand, we are committed to take your data protection seriously and as such all surveillance footage captured are backed in one of our secured data centre locations in New Zealand.

We also have a dedicated networks team where they can promptly respond to alerts or issues with the network ensuring minimal downtime with using our solar security CCTV system. All our technicians are certified and are fully trained with resolving issues with our products.

Continuous and reliable data transfer is essential for surveillance systems, and we take this to the next level. We are proud to be the only New Zealand company that offers a 4G unlimited LTE mobile data for seamless and uninterrupted transfer of surveillance footage to our secure cloud storage.

We also understand that long term storage surveillance footage is crucial for investigations and monitoring trends over time. That is why we have provide an extensive storage solution, ensuring all your footage is retained securely for up to 12 months. With our commitment to long term storage, you will never have to worry about losing your data knowing you can also access them anywhere and anytime.

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