Timelapse Camera

Capture Everything about your Site

Our timelapse camera system are designed with specialised devices that capture images at predetermined intervals and then are compiled into a high-speed video, condensing extended periods of time into just a few minutes or seconds. The timelapse system we built are an invaluable asset at construction site for a number of compelling reasons.

The system can be set up to continuously capture images at regular intervals, providing a comprehensive and visual record of the entire construction process. By doing so, we are able to create a high-speed video that showcase the entire evolution of a construction project. This not only serves as an excellent project management tool but also allows stakeholders, our valuable clients, and investors to witness the progress in a dynamic and engaging manner. 

Timelapse cameras are also an invaluable resource for quality control and documentation. With Unicom Solar Security timelapse cameras, you can capture minute details and subtle changes that might have otherwise go unnoticed. With clear visual documentation, they can be immensely helpful in addressing any disputes, claims, or issues that may arise during the construction process. Apart from being able to provide concrete evidence, timelapse can also be used as an educational tool for future projects, allowing teams to learn from past experiences and to improve their process.

Manage Anywhere, Anytime

We know how important it is to keep your construction site well managed. With our management camera, the unit can provide a real-time monitoring and documentation for the user managing the site. These management cameras will be strategically placed on construction sites and can capture high-resolution images and videos of the entire project area. The primary feature of the management camera is to constantly provide remote visual feed of the site which allows anyone to monitor progress, identify potential issues and ensure that work is proceeding as planned without the need for frequent physical visits to the site.

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