Solar Security CCTV Premium

100% designed and assembled in New Zealand. Our exquisitely crafted solar security CCTV system comes with the key features below:

At Unicom Solar Security CCTV, we have developed the ultimate solution for safeguarding your property while keeping your budget intact. With not one, but two large solar panels, you will have an affordable security option that doesn’t require a hefty electricity bill. Along with is substantial battery capacity, our system guarantees uninterrupted operations for up to 4 days without sunlight.


Our Solar Security CCTV premium product also offers a reliable network connection, providing unlimited data transfer to one of our secure cloud storage locations. With this capability, you would have the ability to view critical footage anytime and anywhere either from your mobile app or on a desktop application. Our large capacity cloud servers supports unlimited video playback and your footage will be saved in our secure and encrypted cloud storage for up to 12 months.

Adding to all the great features the system offers, is the smart camera technology we utilised to bring security to the next level. Using the latest technology of AI and advanced deep learning algorithms, the cameras are able to accurately distinguish between humans and vehicles. The cameras are also able to filter out false alarms such as animals or rustling leaves. With an extended monitoring range and a PTZ camera that intelligently tracks suspicious targets, you will never miss a thing.

As the system is designed to work flawlessly year-round, they are IP rated to be waterproof and windproof. Invest in future of security with our Solar Security CCTV premium product, packed with features to keep your property safe and secure. Get a quote from us today.

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